Workshop Speaker 工作坊講者

Mr Isaac Yan 甄奕山先生

Founder, iChange 創辦人

Isaac Yan is the founder of iChange. He believes that everyone can make a change and all voices deserved to be heard. He established iChange in 2020 together with a group of passionate young students, with the vision of developing innovative solutions by breaking down barriers for disadvantaged groups.

One of iChange’s key initiatives is the development of the ‘Fun to GO’ Mobile App, a collaboration project with TREATS. It is the first mobile app on inclusive playspace in Hong Kong and was launched in Fall 2021. ‘Fun to GO’ is a simple, cost-free, direct, and user-friendly inclusive playspace mobile app. Through the app, children and families with all abilities are empowered to plan and design their own leisure activities and routing according to their own interests and needs. iChange also organizes guided inclusive tours for groups with all abilities, providing opportunities for children and families to experience, explore and enjoy outdoor activities.

Currently, Isaac is studying in G12 at Diocesan Boys’ School. He was the awardee for Outstanding Student Entrepreneur at the International Symposium on STEM Education 2019 and was Hong Kong’s representative in the Asia-Pacific International Trade Challenge 2020 after being the winning team in the Hong Kong round (2020). He was the founding member of the Music for the Kindling Heart project (2020) to raise funds to provide music instruments and lessons for low-income families. Isaac is also a keen sailor and skier. He is an active volunteer at inclusive sailing programs and regattas, and is the Captain of the school ski club, as well as a member of the Hong Kong Ski Team.

Mr Isaac Yan 甄奕山先生