Workshop Speaker 工作坊講者

Mr Oscar Tam 譚浩言先生

Community Lead, iChange 社區及資源統籌

Oscar Tam is the Community & Resources Lead of iChange, a student organization with the vision to develop innovative solutions by eliminating stigma for disadvantaged communities. He acknowledges that society must work together to truly instigate change, and has mobilized such community resources via establishing a database that outlines barrier-free locations within HK.

Interested in debate, Oscar has represented the school on numerous occasions, breaking at the Oldham Cup 2021 and entering the semi-finals of the South China BP and WSDC Debate Open 2019. Such experiences have allowed him to gain a more critical perspective into various social issues. Desiring to express his insights through writing, he has been a contributor to the school’s publication Diocesan Herald. Debating and writing has strengthened Oscar’s global perspective, prompting him to contemplate common struggles of vulnerable groups and how they are affected by different policies. He believes that it is imperative for other individuals to step into such communities to understand their needs, one reason behind establishing iChange.

Oscar is a G12 student currently studying at Diocesan Boys’ School. As someone who aspires to work in the medical field, he hopes to use his passions to benefit the local community he has grown up in. Being a part of the 20 finalists in the Outstanding Student Award, Oscar’s identity as a student has not restrained his passion for community service, with him finding time to help marginalized communities. He is also the secretary for ORBIS’ Student Ambassador Campaign in DBS, he wishes to raise awareness and proactively find solutions for problems regarding inclusivity within Hong Kong.

Mr Oscar Tam 譚浩言先生