Workshop Speaker 工作坊講者

Mr Po Law 羅寶華先生

Programme Coordinator, TREATS 親切活動統籌

Po Law is the Programme Coordinator of TREATS. He received his bachelor degree in Social Work from the University of Hong Kong. He has joined TREATS since 2014, currently he oversees all Outdoor Experiential Inclusion Programmes and inclusive projects for ethnic minorities groups in Hong Kong. By means of recreation, play and experiential activities, Po designs and manages different projects to raise awareness and acceptance towards people with different abilities and backgrounds.

Po is dedicated to working with underprivileged children and youth in Hong Kong. By applying his professional knowledge and skills on games, outdoor and adventure programme design, he plans and implements special projects in collaborating with community and corporate partners to bridge social gaps and unleashing the potentials for children and youth from ethnic minorities groups. These projects include “Beyond Money: Be A Wise Little Spender!”, “Project SHINE: A Mentoring & Capacity Building Project for Ethnic Minorities Youth in Hong Kong“ and “Sports Play Out! Gamified Sports Training Project for Ethnic Minorities Youth” with aims at enabling and empowering ethnic minorities youth through equal participation opportunities, real-life work experience and community engagement. Over 200 children and youth from ethnic minorities groups in Hong Kong have been benefited through the projects.

Po is having extensive experience to sharing knowledge, skills and frontline skills in professional training workshops for social workers, teachers and professionals who are working in the children and youth service settings. He also works closely with universities and tertiary institutions to promote social inclusion to the next generation by conducting inclusive experiential workshops for university students.

Mr Po Law 羅寶華先生