Plenary Speaker 專題講者

Ms Kay Rawbone

Co-founder & CEO, Sailability HK 香港航能聯合創辦人及行政總裁

Kay is originally from the UK and arrived in Hong Kong in 2003. Her interest in special needs goes back a long way to her childhood when growing up with a Downs Syndrome cousin, joining a PHAB club at the age of 14 years and always having contact with someone with special needs who needed a weekly visit or help with their shopping.

Kay was appointed as Director of Work Opportunities in 2007 and to Operations Director in 2012. The Nesbitt Centre provides a comprehensive English speaking programme for adults with learning disabilities which includes both day care and residential facilities. Kay is still working with The Nesbitt Centre on a Consultancy Basis.

With a love of sailing and working within the SEN sector in HK, Kay & her husband, Mike decided to bring Sailability to Hong Kong in 2009. Sailability, a charity supporting and promoting inclusiveness in the sport of sailing is part of the UK RYA (Royal Yachting Association). Following huge success in Hong Kong and recognition gained from both World Sailing and the Asian Sailing Federation (ASAF), Kay was appointed Chairperson of the Asian Sailing Federation (ASAF) Para Sailing Committee early in 2021 and more recently to the Executive Board of ASAF to grow Para Sailing in Asia. Kay has been instrumental in driving the re-instatement of sailing into the Paralympics in 2020.

Growing Sailability from 4 sailors in 2009 to over 4000+ new sailors in 2021, with many returning again and again was a great passion for both Kay & Mike. The growth and reputation had begun with programs evolving and continuing to do so, as we reached out to the HK Community irrespective of age, gender, ability, status, ethnicity etc. Kay continues to lead Sailability Hong Kong, a legacy left behind by her late husband Mike and will continue to do so.

Ms Kay Rawbone