Workshop Speaker 工作坊講者

Ms Mabel Lo 盧美寶女士

Head of Service, TREATS 親切服務主管

Mabel is the Head of Service of TREATS. She received her bachelor degree of Sports Science and Leisure Management and master degree of Social Work from the University of Hong Kong. She worked at TREATS for over 13 years with extensive experience in designing and implementing social inclusion programmes by the means of recreation, sports and experiential methods. She is passionate in enabling and empowering children and youth with special needs to participate and live in a more inclusive Hong Kong. As the Head of Service, she led the team and oversees all the services and projects on social inclusion of TREATS. She works closely with different community stakeholders, corporate partners, organizations, schools and parents to develop new inclusive and participation opportunities for young people in Hong Kong.

She possesses excellent professional knowledge and skills towards children and youth with special needs. She has conducted over 50 professional trainings with the topics of Creating an Inclusive Campus and The Principles in Designing Inclusive Games with teachers, social workers or University students and parents’ workshops to support the development of skills and knowledge of professionals and parents for nurturing an inclusive and positive next generation.

She actively strived for the interests of underprivileged children and youth especially for people with special needs and ethnic minority group by conducting surveys with TREATS’ team. The topics of the surveys include “The Employment Situation of Ethnic Minorities (EM) People in Hong Kong”, “Sport Participation of People with Intellectual Disabilities” and “Community Participation of People with Autism Spectrum Disorder” etc.

Ms Mabel Lo 盧美寶女士